2×1 inch strain labels for connected co bags


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Perfect for our connected 8th bags, these are 2×1 inch labels custom tailored to your need. We can change any info needed on the label for you.
By default all we ask is the strain, but we can do any of it. Just let us know!

Please note: We change the dates around to more realistic times so your dates will vary!!!

If nothing is picked or asked for we just give you the most popular stains.


10 stickers 1 stain MAX

50 stickers 2 strains MAX

128 stickers + 4 strains MAX

Note if you don’t ask for different stains, don’t assume you getting a variety. We fill orders with whatever we have or print at the time! (All will be mainstream popular strains)

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Weight N/A

10, 50, 128, 200, 300


3.5, 7, 14, 28

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