Order Issues and FAQ

Before contacting us please read this page, this is to ensure both you and us are getting and giving the correct support for any issues that may come up.


1. Where is my order? – Did you get a tracking email? If not it didn’t ship. Did you get tracking? Then check your tracking number. We offer no ETA’s on any orders. Why? Because USPS does what they want when they want. We don’t control the mail system.

2. My order shows delivered but I didn’t get it! – This just doesn’t happen. Odds are it’s going to show up still (Can be delivered after it shows delivered 1-3 days after). Or it’s at a neighbors house, or in your mailbox or on your front porch. Sometime’s you just gave us the wrong address, check your order email to ensure it was correct. If this was lost and not delivered, you will need to put in a claim with usps ( www.usps.com or Customer service: 1-800-275-8777 ) then contact us with the claim number so we can follow up with them and see whats going on. WE CAN NOT HELP UNLESS YOU HAVE A CLAIM!

3. Order sent back? – If this was sent back to us due to us being at fault, we will fix it. If you goofed your address, you will need to pay return shipping. Refunds for returned packages are subject to 50% restocking fee minus shipping costs.

4. My bags are Empty? – Duh, we sell empty bags, no where on our site do we even HINT or IMPLY otherwise. We will put in a police report with your local PD OR Sheriff Dept if you contact us about drugs, or anything pertaining to them.

5. When does my order ship? – Within 24 – 72 hrs in most cases. We are not Amazon Prime nor we we promise delivery dates or ETA’s.

6. How fast is your shipping? – You pick this at checkout, we can’t control how fast things move with usps. We DO NOT offer Next Day. Most cases Express is not as fast as you think. We recommend Priority. We also will not refund shipping if it “Takes too long”.

7. I want custom bags! – Custom bags are not cheap, Min order for a custom bags is 10,000 bags or more. We don’t print sticker bags, we do high quality embedded print bags. That being said, these normally start at $2,400+

8. My order was short a few bags? – We weight bags to count them. This makes it faster when we are prepping 1000+ orders at a time. Sometimes they can be off by 1-3 bags depending on the amount ordered. If it’s an issue let us know we will refund the amount missing in most cases or add more the next order. If your order was missing an item completely please email us ASAP order-help at loudmylarbags.com or hit the contact page INCLUDE your order number.