Refunds and Returns

We offer returns based on a case by case basis. If the item is defective we will provide a refund for that portion of the defective product or a partial refund.

Refunds caused by returns, IE: bad address or refused packages will be subject to a 50% restocking fee. If the item is returned to us, we assume you will contact us to pay for re-shipment . This will need to be done via email so we have a record of it. You will be responsible for the shipping fee for shipment.

Refunds are only given if the product was returned in full and unused and not damaged. These are still subject to the restocking fee of 50%

If the item clearly states info, and you choose to ignore it this is subject to no return.

Issues subject to NO RETURN as followed!:

  • “Don’t like the item”
  • “No longer needed”
  • “Fail to read instructions on a product such as stickers only”
  • “Mis-spelling of info for labels due to customer error”
  • “Being rude to support or sales person”
  • “Expected bags to be filled with something…. we sell bags not drugs…”