Why was I asked to verify?

This could be one of many reasons, us and our payment processors both have fraud filters in place to combat fraud. This isn’t a bad thing for you. This simply products you (the cardholder) and us the merchant from fraud. Please do not take offense to being asked for verification, this is not personal.

One of the following could be the reason why you will need to verify.

  • The billing and shipping didn’t match. (Large Orders and express shipping orders.)
  • The card was flagged for weird traffic patterns or chargebacks in the past. (Not us, the processor)
  • Your order included common fraud patterns, we will not disclose this info.
  • The billing info, and or zip did not match the card info on file with the CC company.
  • You used your baby mama’s card, and shipped it to your boy’s crib. (You may laugh but this is 80% of our orders, and the most charged back cause for us since you didn’t tell her about that 200$ you spent.)

These are several examples of why, but not all of them. Once you verify you will not have to again. We simply flag your account as valid and your good to go moving forward.

You can email us or text us back to verify your order, either is fine.  [email protected] or ‪(213) 373-6899 (TEXT ONLY)

Any Questions?