California Dispensary Edible Labels FULLY CUSTOM


California Dispensary labels for edible Mylar bags. Fully Custom!

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California Dispensary Edible Labels FULLY CUSTOM

If you have ever been to Cali and bought something from a dispensary, you will notice that they always have these. These are mandatory by the Department of Cannabis Control. These will make any bag you buy from us shine and look amazing like it came from a dispensary itself. Below are the requirements for California labeling and packing.

Packaging requirements for Edibles

Cannabis goods are required to be in packaging that is:

  • Child-resistant
  • Tamper-evident
  • Resealable (if more than one serving)
  • Opaque (if an edible cannabis product)

Labeling requirements for Edibles

Labels have two parts:

  • Primary panel – the portion of the label most likely to be displayed to the consumer at retail
  • Informational panel – any other part of the label

Please include all details needed.

You can chose whatever details you want for these. Or we can just match them to look proper for the edible bags you buy! These are 2×1 thermal labels and completely custom!

These will set your product apart from the rest of the edible bags out there. You can make an official statement with pricing etc!