Donettes – Ballla Berries 3.5g Mylar Bags (Snow Balls)


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Donettes – Ballla Berries 3.5g Mylar Bags (Snow Balls)

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The world of cannabis evolves without pause, and also that of the different types of resin extractions or preparations from them, which does not stop offering us new things season after season. A while ago we told you about one of these preparations made from cannabis flowers, oil, and resin called Moonrocks, a real THC bomb that is usually reserved for the most seasoned users.

Well, today we present to you an evolution of this product called Snowballs due to the clear resemblance in appearance to…exactly, a snowball. Another “cannabinoid bomb” but in this case oriented towards the medicinal aspect of the plant and its consumption.

These are 3.5g 8th size bags for the Donettes by Balla Berries

This is the new style found in dispensaries.

Rec style labels can be found here!